connects people and cultures

Encounters make life valuable. Whether it’s food cultures, art, or traditions, Culture Insight makes work of them, precisely in those places where these encounters do not yet happen naturally.

Taking the plunge with Cultuurinzicht


The strenght of Cultuurinzicht lies in connection.
Whether it’s about forming new networks, getting to know special traditions or surprising encounters, Cultuurinzicht is the perfect partner.


What can Cultuurinzicht do for you?
  • Getting a project off the ground or breathing new life into it
  • Gathering information
  • Setting up networks
  • Carrying out your cultural programme
  • Getting acquainted with Dutch traditions
  • Bringing a different food culture into your home


Eet Mee

A successful initiative by Cultuurinzicht where people who don't know each other eat together in people's homes. A great way for social connection. On the online matching platform, you can make your own Eet Mee match but they are also happy to help you. Since 2009, Eet Mee has been an independent foundation and, as its director, Annelies, together with a team of volunteers, ensures beautiful connections in society. Eet Mee is there for everyone and pays extra attention to people with a refugee background.

 Walking on the mudflats

Do you like a sporting challenge and want to get to know a typically Dutch tradition? Go mudflat hiking with André and our enthusiastic and experienced guide Arie. Specialty: you walk in a small group, with the possibility of translation into English and German.

Private chef at home

Surprise yourself with a special dining experience at home. A delicious meal, prepared by a chef at your place and served at your own dining table. From Sri Lankan to Lebanese.